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Daredevil: Season 2 by John Paesano (Review)

posted Jul 25, 2016, 10:07 AM by Leo Mayr

is back once again, and with him composer John Paesano. When it comes to scores for TV series, the producers seem to have a better understanding for thematic continuity in the music, rarely switching out a composer for different seasons. Paesano returns to the series to deliver yet another great and intriguing score.

The stunning "Main Title", co-composed by Paesano and Braden Kimball, is back for season 2, perfectly tying the series together. The main theme is used to great effect throughout the entire score, giving it a much needed thematic identity. The overall style of the score remains dark and suspenseful, with heavy use of electronic textures supporting the orchestral tracks much like in season 1. The electronics feel less dominant this time around, giving way to Paesano's orchestral action writing more than once. You'll still hear those intense electronic fights similar to season 1, though this time, the orchestral sections and electronics are a lot better balanced. For the second season, the emotional themes become more important and better executed, giving the score a much needed emotional weight amidst violent electronic action. The score's highlight comes in "They Have Nothing Now", an overall great action track that changes into a more emotional piece about halfway through, all the while utilizing the main theme to great effect. 

John Paesano once again delivers a great superhero adventure that combines both electronic and orchestral action with much needed emotional weight to create a memorable superhero world that feels a lot more dark and serious than what you're used to in Marvel's cinematic universe. The score uses its main theme to great effect, finds the right balance between electronics and orchestra and serves as a great sequel to Paesano's work on series 1. Fans of superhero scores will not want to miss this one.