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Crazy Eyes by Bobby Johnston (Review)

posted Sep 10, 2012, 7:26 PM by Kaya Savas

Crazy Eyes is a small film about a a divorced father who falls in love with "Crazy Eyes". The film follows his story as he tries to make his life work surrounded by his material wealth. What Bobby Johnston has done here is create a fantastic score that gives this narrative an amazing identity. The whole feel of the music feels jazzy with a Yiddish twist on some tracks even though the film takes place in Los Angeles. There is a decent selection of songs mixed within the album and they work very well sandwiched within the score. Musically we are placed within the lives of these characters and you truly feel encompassed by the music.

The score starts off with a quirky but terrifically executed track. You can tell there is some Yiddish influence in the music, but it works and fits extremely well in the landscape. Then immediately the score takes on a jazzy lounge feel that acts more than background atmosphere. The melodies aren't big but they sure do hook you. That hook is what kept me invested in this score all the way through and I enjoyed every moment of it. I think the music acts as a perfect reflection of character. It just makes me feel as if I should be acting out a scene when it plays. It really does take hold of you. Johnston also uses a female vocal in some tracks and it only adds to the cool jazzy flavor of the score. Finger snaps and the plucking of a double bass give the music a rhythm. The final few tracks take on a different flavor altogether as if we are brought out of the fantasy and into real life. It is very impressive that the score is able to take on 3 different sides while being maybe 30 minutes without counting the songs.

Crazy Eyes is a great listen and it shows a side of Bobby Johnston that I really like. I admit that I didn't get much out of his Mother's Day score, but I really liked Crazy Eyes. It had a strong narrative voice, it worked hand in hand with the songs and it did a hell of a lot with a short running time. The score felt complete and it's a very decent work from a composer who nailed character and mood in his music. Go listen to some samples and if you like what you hear then take the plunge and get the score.