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Copernicus' Star by Abel Korzeniowski (Review)

posted Apr 5, 2011, 10:45 PM by Kaya Savas

La-La Land has released a 1000 print issue of Abel Korzeniowski's magnificent score to the 2009 Polish animated film. Now, if you're on the boat of people who doesn't know what Copernicus' Star is then fear not. You may have better luck researching online by using the original Polish title of Gwiazda Kopernika. Anyway, what we have in terms of music is something extraordinarily special. It's quite rare to come across a score that manages to create such a magical and wondrous world such as this.

Abel has crafted a grand orchestral score with many traditional elements. The instrumentation while nothing fancy is so elegant and beautiful that the themes flourish with lives of their own. Steeped with that rich European feel it feels like the score was composed a hundred years ago. The music soars with a magic intensity that lifts your spirit high. The score stands on its own completely, which makes this something you can listen to and enjoy without knowing the source material. In fact the music is structured so perfectly that you get the full benefit of going on the narrative journey just through the music. Simply put, this is a stunning and wondrous score. It's also something fresh and original that isn't a Hollywood product. This is a pure organic score composed from the human heart.

Abel Korzeniowski has crafted a very memorable and high spirited work here. It excels above the basic role a score should play. It's as animated as the film is and it's done so well that it will leave a lasting impression. While the score will not make you cry it will definitely stimulate your mind and let your spirit soar. This is one of those amazing scores from an unexpected place and I really suggest anyone who appreciates great music to check this one out.