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Cool Dog by Stephen Edwards (Review)

posted Feb 2, 2011, 12:19 AM by Kaya Savas

When it comes to extremely stupid and contrived kids movies you probably won't find a better candidate than Cool Dog. Cool Dog is one of those movies done on an extremely low budget so the dog doesn't talk. Although I can imagine the filmmakers wanted him to. It's just a poor attempt at creating a family drama and a heartwarming relationship between a boy and his dog. While the movie may be saccharine and schmaltzy the score is not.

Stephen Edwards has in fact composed an extremely good score here. While Edwards may not be an A-List composer he has definitely been working and has quite a large body of work. The score here reminds me of those 90's family drama/comedies that you watched when you were a kid. Very simple melodies highlighted by the piano and strings make the score really grow on you. Much of it reminds me of Hans Zimmer's Nine Months or Howard Shore's Mrs. Doubtfire all in a good way. To my surprise the blandness of the film didn't transpose onto the music.

The score creates a wonderful palette of colors, sounds and emotions. The score plainly put is quite wonderful to listen to. It never gets carried away and it never goes over the top, which is what I love about it. There is a bit of choppiness to the flow of the album, but overall the score bobs along lightly and pleasantly. It's a shame that this soundtrack will probably be overlooked because of the film.  If this review can convince you to seek it out and listen to the first track then hopefully you'll discover a small hidden gem. Although that cover isn't really helping its cause. At least they didn't put sunglass on him.