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Conquest Of The Skies by Joel Douek,Elik Álvarez & Freddy Sheinfeld (Review)

posted Feb 17, 2015, 3:44 PM by Kaya Savas

Nature docs present composers with a very unique canvass. This genre is all about the imagery, especially the recent series of documentaries from David Attenborough that air on Sky Television in England. Americans are mostly familiar with BBC series like Planet Earth and Life, which then get re-dubbed and re-cut for the Discovery Channel and Disneynature features. For those, George Fenton has done a wonderful job accenting the documentaries with music. However, for David Attenborough’s purely presented Sky TV series, we have an amazing trio of composers behind them. Composers Joel Douek, Elik Álvarez and Freddy Sheinfeld have mastered the genre of the nature documentary mini-series. From Kingdom Of Plants, Galapagos and now Conquest Of The Skies they have given images of our natural world a powerful emotional lift. Conquest Of The Skies is a brilliant score that focuses simply on imagery and movement to power the music. The result is a symphonic presentation reminiscent of something like Fantasia, where moving images work flawlessly with music.

Conquest Of The Skies is the latest in David Attenborough’s series of 3D nature documentaries that air on Sky TV as a mini-series. The music here matches the power, beauty and elegance of flight perfectly. Each track holds its own tiny narrative and feels like an interlocking piece to a grand symphony. And that’s probably why “Fantasia” immediately jumped into my mind when listening to this score. The music is not necessarily telling a narrative, even though there is a strong emotional arc in every track. Each piece functions as an integral piece of a puzzle. On its own, a piece has a defined shape, a beginning and end. But it also belongs connected with the rest. You will get a varied selection of styles and approaches for the different birds and topics covered. Some can be very energetic, some more atmospheric and some simply elegant. My favorite track comes up right near the beginning and is titled “Dance Of The Starlings”, and it’s absolutely magnificent. The team of Joel, Elik and Freddy have been collaborating for many years and they flow together effortlessly. Conquest Of The Skies is some of the best scoring you’ll hear in the genre of nature documentaries, and it’s something that can be revisited time and time again.

Conquest Of The Skies represents the best to come from the trio of Joel Douek, Elik Álvarez & Freddy Sheinfeld. The music simply lifts the listeners into a world of gliding creatures moving through their environment. You can feel the motions and movements within the music, and it accents the images presented wonderfully. The score is not available as of the publishing of this review, but should be coming soon from Varese Sarabande. So do keep a lookout as it’s something you don’t want to skip over.

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