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Combinations by Joachim Horsley (Review)

posted Jun 6, 2013, 12:28 PM by Kaya Savas

You may not know who Joachim Horsley is and what he does, and you may question why a song album is being reviewed here. However, I assure you this is not a composer nor an album you want to miss out on. Joachim Horsely is a fantastic composer, singer and songwriter who is quickly establishing his presence as a bold new voice in the film music world. He orchestrated Rabbit Hole and The Possession for Anton Sanko and composed the score for the new comedy Rapture-Palooza starring Anna Kendrick. However, here with Combinations is where you will see a different musical side of the composer. His unbelievable songs that he writes and performs with his collaborators, and his style that he dubs Cinematic Pop. 

I don’t think I could even describe what Joachim’s sound is, but it’s damn good. It’s hard to describe because it doesn’t fit easily into one genre. Instead it spreads across jazz, pop, ethnic, classic and other sounds all wrapped up with a timeless feel. When I talked to Joachim he said he calls it Cinematic Pop because he approaches each song as if it were a film score, and you can definitely tell. It also helps that his lyrics and melodies are catchy as hell. I’m not ass-kissing here when I say his music has been stuck in my head since I listened to the album almost two weeks prior to writing this. The songs flow beautifully from one another to create a true album experience as well; something that is lost nowadays in the iTunes era. The lyrics are meaningful, eloquent and rich. Yet they process quickly and the poetic effect is immediate. Joachim’s voice is also a breath of fresh air as it has a broader softness than most singers. It matches perfectly to the snappy and soothing melodies of the music itself. The album opens and closes with the same song (the latter being an extended version) so the full-circle feeling of a film score is there.

In a time when most mainstream music is empty and hollow trying to adhere to an expected sound, it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear a true musician working their expressive craft. Joachim Horsley is indeed a true musician and an extremely versatile one at that. He sings, plays, writes lyrics and is also a fantastic score composer and orchestrator. Not only is he talented, but his musical voice is unique and so good. It speaks to its audience and connects, and it clearly comes from deep within. The man has established his own mark and is an auteur already, and he’s really just beginning.