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Cliff Martinez - Film Fest Gent (Review)

posted Feb 8, 2015, 11:08 AM by
In October 2014, at the 14th edition of the World Soundtrack Awards, the scores of composer Cliff Martinez were presented to the audience. The music was once again conducted by Dirk Brosse and performed by The Brussels Philharmonic.
It was the purpose of the event to present some of the highlights of Cliff Martinez's career, featuring music he wrote for directors like Steven Soderbergh or Robert Redford. The music on this 16 track album does indeed have some quality to it. The pieces presented here are not likely to knock your socks off, though. We are not talking about large scale action music for some of Hollywood's summer blockbusters. However, if you prefer music on a more low-key level, then you should give this concert album a chance. Two tracks from Steven Soderbergh's film Solaris open the album. I really liked the musical arrangements of the first six tracks and the string instruments and the orchestral performance enhanced this feeling nicely.
However, I must say, that apart from the first tracks, my absolute favorite piece on this album is „Following Daniel“ from Wicker Park, showcasing the album's most beautiful part. The emotional content of the album is further highlighted by the piece „Can't Say I'm Happy To See You“. As I pointed out before , this is not your roller coaster fun ride. Prepare for some quiet and delicate moments. If you seek some rather relaxing music, which you like to listen to while having a glass of wine, then some pieces are certainly ideal. It is nothing overly exciting, but in the end it is music that really works well, if you wish to calm down and relax after a stressful day.