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City Of Gold by Bobby Johnston (Review)

posted Mar 11, 2016, 4:08 PM by Kaya Savas

City Of Gold is a love letter to food, and the power that food has to bring cultures together. Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold takes us into his world where he explores some of LA’s most interesting and inspiring culinary cultures. The score by Bobby Johnston is a wonderful and melodic accompaniment to the documentary by adding just the right amount of textures to give the film its personality.

Documentary scoring poses a tricky canvass for composers, and here Johnston does a great job navigating talking heads and dialogue to add bursts of color and personality to the story. Since the film is about food and its ability to bring many different cultures together in the melting pot that is Los Angeles, the music reflects sort of a stylistic melting pot. The style of the music never sounding too much like one nationality or culture, it becomes sort of this vibrant melodic delight. Some jazzy elements intertwined with electronic textures and strings all combine to create a unique voice. It does exactly what the documentary needs of the music, and nothing else.

City Of Gold shines because it’s a unique musical palette to a film about a man with a unique palate for food. It does a wonderful job representing this intertwining of people and cultures to represent a vibrant coming together. The score is short and to the point with not much room to do much else, but then again that’s all the documentary needs.