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CHiPs by Fil Eisler (Review)

posted Apr 21, 2017, 12:40 PM by Kaya Savas

In the continuing tradition of adapting classic TV series into movies, we have CHiPs directed, produced and starring Dax Shepherd. The movie essentially takes the idea of the TV series but turns it into the R-rated comedy that seems to be standard studio fare these days. Thankfully composer Fil Eisler tried to stay away from the studio rock sound that has defined many action-comedy scores lately.

While you may expect the score here to be the standard rock-based R-rated action-comedy sound, it really does try to stay away from it as much as it can. Fil has attempted to give CHiPs a modern feel with some old soul. The music stylings are more along funk and soul than rock. The action set pieces add some orchestral flair but still keep everything in the same world. Some themes are established early for our protagonists and antagonists so you’ll never feel lost during the narrative. And of course Fil pays homage with some reference to the original CHiPs theme. In the end this is a solid and fun ride from a film that you wouldn’t expect any flair or character from. The music definitely sets an established tone and style, and the whole journey is well structured. Nothing terribly awe-inspiring, but the music serves its purpose here. ChiPs is a lot of fun even if you didn't find the movie to be a slam dunk.

Fil Eisler had a lot of fun letting lose on this score. The funk and soul sounds of the score do a great job of giving everything a fun vibe while the action scenes are taken a bit more seriously in tone. It all works very well in the end even though the film and music are void of anything groundbreaking. This is just a solid score that works on the surface level and delivers on the fun factor.