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Child Of Grace by Henrik Åström (Review)

posted Oct 19, 2015, 2:32 PM by Kaya Savas

Child Of Grace follows the story of Katie and her father who have been traveling in an RV for pretty much her entire life. They roam the country when one day at a truck stop Katie sees a missing child poster, and it’s her picture. Katie realizes that the man she’s been with may in fact be her kidnapper. A layered drama unfolds as the truth comes out and Katies discovers what has been hidden from her. Swedish composer Henrik Åström is at the helm here, and delivers a score that effectively pulls out the emotional beats of the story.

The score here is a wonderful accompaniment to our 9-year old central character. What makes the score stand out is the instrumentation, and everything about it feels organic and alive. Something about the music feels very human and emotionally resonant, and it’s really because the music itself has a distinct personality. The narrative beats are on point, and the score does a great job of carrying us through the story. The music lets the melodrama sink in from time to time, and it isn’t too distracting. But when you feel the music really pulling for the emotions, it can be too much on the head. The melodic approach works great, and you almost feel like lyrics will break out at any second. Those melodic hooks help keep the score anchored. By the time we reach the end, we’ve gotten to know the characters and have gotten to glimpse this journey in their lives. The score succeeds in that sense of really fleshing out the characters and making them feel like people.

Child Of Grace is a great score with a great personality. It handles the dramatic and emotional nuances of the story with ease, and carries a unique personality. The music utilizes melody very well, and the characters blossom to life through it. While the melodrama and “on the nose” emotions can be too much at times, it doesn’t detract from how well-rounded the score is.