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Call Of Duty: Black Ops III by Jack Wall (Review)

posted Nov 19, 2015, 4:50 PM by Kaya Savas

The best way to look at Call Of Duty games these days is to pretty much ignore what has come before. The yearly entries have tired on me as a gamer, offering really nothing more than repackaged goods. However, it does give composers a pretty entertaining action canvass to paint on, and Jack Wall continues that great legacy for a score that will probably surprise you with its robust orchestral and electronic hybrid approach.

The Black Ops trilogy from developer Treyarch started with Sean Murray, Wall took over on Black Ops II and now delivers the third entry in this “series” with a franchise. The score has tons to offer in terms of great action and a soundscape that truly envelopes the gamer. You will be thrust into intense firefights as you do with any Call Of Duty, and the music will compete with all the sound effects to give your journey structured support. The electronic approach is pretty much a standard approach here at this point. Gotta make it intense, modern and exciting. That part of the score gets the job done. Nothing to write home about. It’s those orchestral flourishes where this score really stands out, and when they come it feels like a wave of emotions washing over standard protocol. There are also little textures of ethnic instrumentation that add another layer to the experience. All of it whirled together gets the job done in thrilling style.

Black Ops III is a great experience, and Wall does a great job once again delivering a thrilling and pulsing adventure while still managing to make it elegant and resonating. The blending of electronics, orchestra, chorus and the goofy tracks tacked on at the end make Call Of Duty: Black Ops III stand out from the rest in its own special way.