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Brotherhood by Dan Marocco (Review)

posted Mar 7, 2011, 1:26 PM by Kaya Savas

is a small film that stars Trevor Morgan who you may recognize as the kid from Jurassic Park III and one of Mel Gibson's sons in The Patriot. It's about a college frat initiation that goes wrong and dealing with the consequences. Dan Marocco scores his second feature with this score. His first feature was a documentary in 2004 called Deadline. The film is a thriller that focuses on a snowballing effect of falling deeper and deeper into the belly of the whale as the plot goes on. So, how does the score function?

Well the music presented here is not a lot. The album runs a short 35 minutes and 3 tracks are actually songs. A score can't really function if it's spread too thin. At least that's what I believe. The ONLY time I have ever seen score used minimally within a sound design to masterful effect is No Country For Old Men. You can toss Cast Away in that pile too. Here the score just sounds like a mimic of Clint Mansell's The Fountain. It has a heavy rock feel at the beginning and then dies down to some atmospheric builds. I like the builds because they act as perfect background structure for intense dialogue. It has sort of a bubbling tension effect, but in the overall scope of the score it doesn't really grab you.

This is a pretty basic and barebones score. With a half an hour runtime it doesn't really establish much, and while it may have worked for a short film it can't pass for a feature score.  Great ideas that if further developed and pursued could have resonated bigger with the audience.