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Broken Horses by John Debney (Review)

posted Apr 14, 2015, 11:31 AM by Leo Mayr

John Debney has proven several times that he is capable of composing a score that is enjoyable on it‘s own, but nothing really outstanding. For me, his most memorable work was Iron Man 2, which admittedly had it‘s problems. After not really noticing Debney for the past year, Broken Horses brought him back on my radar.

The score sets a beautiful yet tragic tone with its slow and soft “Main Theme“, and for the most part of the album that is what you‘ll be hearing. Tracks like “Tense Standoff“ might sound like action, but instead we get a lot of ambient suspenseful music. “Troubled Children“ briefly adds vocals to the mix and “Into Mexico“ uses Guitars in an almost cliche way, creating a fun distraction from the otherwise mostly slow pace. Except for those brief changes however, the music really does not vary a lot. Moments like “Love Theme“ and “Victoria‘s Theme“ lighten the mood at some points, and the last part of “Tell Me Everything“ reminds me a lot of an action movie. It combines the previously introduced guitars with a faster melody that really stands out from the rest as being the fastest and most dramatical track on the album. After that the album returns to its slow and emotional pace, perfectly concluding in “Theme From: Broken Horses“.

While Broken Horses might not be an outstanding score, it does its job more than well. We get memorable themes that all work together to create a beautiful journey that might get a little boring in some places, but the overall experience is definiteley worth its time. Even though this is not Debney‘s strongest score, it is one of his better works.