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Breaking Bad by Dave Porter (Review)

posted Sep 6, 2012, 8:46 PM by Kaya Savas

Breaking Bad is one of TV's best shows on right now. In its run it has collected lots of Emmy's and praise along the way. With the final season underway we finally get a release of Dave Porter's excellent score. Porter has intricately weaved a unique and identifying soundscape within the show over the years. The show's music strives in its subtlety as the character moments shine within the tense textures he builds sonically. Atmosphere and mood are a huge part of why the score works so well as the music slowly draws the audience into the moment.

The music in Breaking Bad flows in a fluid-like fashion, which sets it apart from most scores where the music enters an a given point and exits from another. This score works itself slowly in and builds an incredible amount of tension and drama through Porter's signature soundscape. You barely can tell when the score is working and I mean that in the highest compliment. The music becomes part of the soundscape and part of the characters. It exists within the universe of Breaking Bad and finally audiences can appreciate the intricate details of this well executed score as a standalone listen. When listening your mind really does become absorbed by it, everything else around you drowns out and you become enveloped in the story. While it's hard to grasp the narrative from the music in this single album you can definitely feel the presence of Walter's character as well as the other themes Porter wrote for other characters. There is a primal human instinct behind the music, and its electronic feel helps enhance the primal nature as things spiral down to the belly of the whale. Once the experience is over you feel the music release you and the feeling lingers.

Breaking Bad's score works with precision and never does more than it needs to. With that subtle precision Dave Porter was able to craft an atmospheric flowing score with an intricate structure. The textures are rich and complex and there is plenty to dive into musically. Tones, sounds, solo instruments and electronic layers all work beautifully to craft a score that will linger with you. The characters echo through it, but it's the dramatic tension that truly shines through the music. An amazing release for one of the best shows on TV.