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Being Flynn by Badly Drawn Boy (Review)

posted Mar 7, 2012, 6:26 PM by Kaya Savas

Okay, so I hate stage names so I'm just going to call him Damon Gough. Damon Gough gives us a hodgepodge of score and songs for his album to Being Flynn. So, to be honest here I really didn't get any progressive feel to this score. The tracks felt more like mood pieces and nothing really came together. In the end the experience just felt disjointed. The songs here are definitely the stronger aspect as the score on its own fails to do much of anything.

This album is truly a blending of score and song. The score and songs blend, but any story or emotional cohesiveness is absent. The styles shift around from track to track as well and that doesn't really help the score settle on the listener. I feel that the setting of this story plays a major part, and the score does nothing to evoke the city the movie takes place in. Really I don't know what else to write because the music just failed to connect with me. The music isn't bad by any means, but I think in some way it needs to connect. There were some good moments where I felt a bit of character and story, and then all of a sudden it was lost. Then we segway into another song.

You can't be a songwriter and a composer at the same time in my opinion. Look at all the great film songs and notice that it's usually not the composer who wrote the song. Sure songwriters can compose and vice versa, but it's when they try to do both that the score loses focus. Also this doesn't count composers writing 1 main song and creating thematic variations from it. I think this film would have benefitted if the entire soundscape was made of songs like Away We Go. Alexi Murdoch did an amazing job there by focusing on songs that acted as score. Here the experience is disjointed and even though there is a constant voice throughout I felt no connection.