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Beastly by Marcelo Zarvos (Review)

posted Feb 19, 2011, 9:53 AM by Kaya Savas

Marcelo Zarvos is one of my favorite composers working today. He is a very underrated talent and all of his scores resonate something grand after you listen to them. His music has a sort of elegance to it that through simple melodies and complex layers is able to echo large emotions. I think I first got introduced to his music when I saw Hollywoodland, which is a magnificent score. I started picking up his scores as they came out and have yet to be disappointed. Back in 2004 he composed The Door In The Floor which I recently checked out and it is beyond phenomenal. For Beastly we get more of the greatness we've come to expect from Zarvos.

The score is delicate but has many elements to it. It's part romance, part fantasy and part electronica and all the elements blend to create a wonderful experience. The central motif is as simple as it gets. Pulsating strings create a warm and beautiful melody that carries the romance. That same melody is also played on a guitar for a softer side, and at some points a piano which give it a more melancholic feel. Towards the end of the album we are hit with some mild electronics to bring forth a little conflict in the story, and it all works in the soundscape of the score. Zarvos bookends the score with that main theme as it comes back into fruition for the finale.

Beastly is quite a remarkable little score. I think everyone should give this score a go even if the film doesn't appeal to you at all. Zarvos has a way of infusing colorful sounds into his music and honestly I have yet to hear a bad score from him. The Door In The Floor is still one of the most amazing scores I've heard in probably the last decade and while Beastly doesn't reach that level of emotional resonation it still has enough weight to it to make it a worthwhile venture.