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Batman: Bad Blood by Frederik Wiedmann (Review)

posted Oct 15, 2016, 12:35 AM by Leo Mayr

Frederik Wiedmann is no stranger to DC animated movies, so his involvement in 
Batman: Bad Blood should come as no surprise.

The score opens with a short theme that combines traditional superhero sounds with modern electronics for a fun introduction. The mostly orchestral music is frequently supported by electronics that are incorporated more or less effectively yet don't really matter most of the time. In some places, they even start to feel unneccessary, but for the most part, Wiedman does a good job balancing the score's dofferent sounds. From dark suspenseful moments to tense action, this is no doubt a superhero score, yet Wiedmann rarely goes beyond the basic functionality of the music. There are a lot of fun moments scattered throughout the album, but ultimately, there is nothing really outstanding going on. The "End Credits" theme does stand out from the rest with a bold superhero theme that's just right. Sadly, it is only 45 seconds long.

Batman: Bad Blood is a mostly functional score. Wiedmann handles the different moods and themes nicely, yet in the end, you probably won't notice a whole lot of the music. While it does a great job at underlining the movie, it does so in a very basic way.