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Batman: Arkham Knight [Volume 2] by Nick Arundel & David Buckley (Review)

posted Jan 8, 2016, 2:27 PM by Leo Mayr

For some weird reason, the score to Batman: Arkham Knight was released in two volumes. Not only does this make absolutely no sense in the era of digital downloads, it also means that this is the second time I am reviewing the score. In the first review I gave my opinion on this seperated release, so go read that first.

The music in the second volume expands on music from the first volume though it focuses more on choir sections and intense action alongside the suspenseful moments all too similar to the first volume (see "Prophecy"). Buckley delivers some great action moments similar to his work on Call Of Duty: Ghosts. The volume is mostly dominated by action tracks from Arundel's half of the album but none are as intense as Christopher Drake's Arkham Origins. Still, there is some excitement to be had. Since the ambient tracks are very similar to the first volume, I won't talk about them here, instead you can read the first review.

At the end of the day, the real question is: Which volume is the better one to get? And I honestly have no idea. The first volume focused on the suspenseful setting of the game, containing a lot of great themes and moments while the second volume focuses on action. If you're really into Batman scores or just liked the music you heard in the game, you probably will have to get both, but if you just want some of the music, the first volume is a better representation of all the different aspects. The second volume really feels more like an expansion than a full priced album of it's own.