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Autism In Love by Mac Quayle (Review)

posted Jul 6, 2016, 8:26 AM by Kaya Savas

Autism In love is a poignant documentary following 4 adults on different areas of the autism spectrum as they manage romantic relationships. Composer Mac Quayle who is known for stylistic scores to series like American Horror Story and Mr. Robot handled scoring duties here, and delivered a very somber yet touching accompaniment to this documentary.

Autism In Love is an emotionally heavy documentary (currently on Netflix at the time of this writing) but also very inspiring. The goal of the documentary is to show that even through disability that we all strive for the same emotional companionship through love. It’s a very emotional glimpse into real people’s lives, and the score here was handled with care. We start off with a main theme that will end up bookending the whole narrative, so it definitely represents a full circle way of structuring the score. The journey from start to finish takes us down a path of happiness, frustration and sadness. The music stays a bit shapeless, mainly shifting in tones like waves rolling on a beach. You won’t necessarily be able to pick out intricate details, but you’ll feel the warmth or the sadness depending on what the music is doing. This allows the score to not be melodramatic, which it very well could have been if it was a guitar and piano score. Making it more atmospheric and tonal really allows the music to fill space without being overbearing. By the end the score does offer a ray of light and hope.

Autism In Love is a poignant documentary exploring “love” within people with autism. The score does a wonderful job of enhancing the emotions of the people we are journeying with and show’s Quayle’s strengths for nuanced emotional scoring that doesn’t overbear. The bookending approach was a nice way to open and close the story, and the atmospheric scoring in-between was surprisingly emotional given the shapeless and water-like nature of the music’s structure.