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A Reason by Kim Planert (Review)

posted Aug 28, 2015, 3:08 PM by Kaya Savas

Kim Planert is a hidden gem of a composer from Germany who has been establishing his career as a go-to collaborator for Robert Duncan. Kim has done additional music for Robert on hit series such as Castle, Last Resort and Whispers. He was co-composer on the series Missing and has really made a name for himself in the indie film space. A Reason is a perfect example of Kim’s emotional nuances and craftsmanship as a composer. The film is a dark twisty drama centered on a young girl and her controlling brother as they arrive at their aunt’s reading of her will. Family history and dark pasts are brought up as everything is slowly moved from out of the shadows. The score is a great character exploration that never lets go of the plot’s structure.

What makes A Reason stand out is mostly Kim’s voice as a composer. He utilizes the right instruments to get the desired effect. Some electronic touches and reverb are used to create uneasiness, but there is the rich current of emotion running through. I did find the electronics to be used a little to heavily at certain points, and normally it would be fine but it felt just out of place here and there. The score balances the suspenseful nature of the film with the rich emotional swells of the characters, and that makes it work as a strong musical narrative. Some listeners might find it a bit of a two-toned score, but Planert is a great storyteller in that you don’t ever see the stitches where he shifts tone, it's all seamless. The score flows quite well, and you start to take notice of the motifs at play. By the end we get a great emotional payoff and of course the whole experience is wonderfully accented by Lisbeth Scott’s vocals.

A Reason is not your typical indie film. The dynamic characters all forced to interact and expose each other’s family secrets gives Planert a wonderful musical canvas. Kim is a great talent and he demonstrates that with the emotional focus and narrative structure of his score here. Hopefully we’ll get to hear him do more great work like this. If you don’t know Kim, besides being a composer he’s also a pretty accomplished skydiver. Although maybe he needs to be more accomplished as he recently broke his leg and is in the middle of a long healing process. So if he's reading this: "Get better Kim! You better be writing with all your time on the ground!" But the point is, he’s a man who enjoys life to the fullest and loves he thrill of being alive, and you can most definitely hear that in his music. If you haven’t discovered Kim Planert yet, you most definitely should and A Reason is a great album to start with.