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American Ultra by Marcelo Zarvos (Review)

posted Oct 6, 2015, 10:11 AM by Leo Mayr

In all honesty, I could not care less for the upcoming movie American Ultra. After being forced to watch the trailer by the local movie theater, my only emotion was disgust. I can hardly understand how a movie like that even gets greenlit. Come on, movie studios! Even I could come up with a better premise...
But as it is with horrible movies, they sometimes lead to a nice score. This is not one of these cases.

The score relies almost entirely on electronics (have not found traces of real instruments yet). That's not neccessarily a bad thing. Still the score fails to do something to stand out from the rest. It just feels wrong. What could have been a fun electronic score ends up being just a mess of different tracks, some sound like they were made to fill the silence of a scene, others feel like the attempt to create an emotional connection but end up becoming a short melody that sounds faintly emotional before the score hits us in the face with loud action that also lacks any real substance. There are some foundations for what might have been a fun score, but foundations do not provide shelter. The thing we build ontop of foundations with the doors, wondows and a roof do that.

Not one moment of this score managed to catch my attention and I found myslf struggling to listen through all of it to make up my mind. The final track "Apollo Ape" is the only track that can be called so much as 'enjoyable', but one nice track cannot save a 40-minute album. Really? Only 40 minutes? I could have sworn I had to listen to hours of that.