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American Assassin by Steven Price (Review)

posted Oct 17, 2017, 11:43 AM by Leo Mayr

American Assassin
is a basic, predictable action film centered around nuclear terrorism and personal revenge. While the film is pretty forgettable, the lead actors and Steven Price's music make the experience somewhat worthwhile.

If you're familiar with Price's work, this score will immediately sound familiar, with the entire score covered in familiar sounds and style. The film's plot is quite basic and leaves little space for characters and emotion, yet Price has done his best to infuse the movie with some heart. Especially for the opening and ending scenes, the score features nice emotional moments, yet for the majority of the movie we are left with near ambient electronic textures and occasional burtst of action music that really don't stand out. Price's signature action writing is always present, yet I found that on several occasions the action music fails to properly accompany the visual intensity. Overall, the score rarely exceeds its most basic function and besides the ending track "Katrina", there are no moments you'll really remember after leaving the cinema.

Despite seemingly great efforts to make the most of a movie that doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, Steven Price fails to elevate the movie beyond just being a standard action film. While there are some fun moments to be had, you get the feeling you've heard those done better on other scores by Price and ultimately, American Assassin probably won't stay on your mind for very long.