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Age Of Heroes by Michael Richard Plowman (Review)

posted May 14, 2011, 10:15 AM by Kaya Savas

Age Of Heroes is another small release from the terrific Moviescore Media label. The film is about the formation of the 30 Commando Unit in WWII. While the movie totes itself as being a true story, one can't deny the amount of "Hollywood" thrown into it. The movie wants to be about the characters but the end result is that it goes a little overboard with the heroism. This is reflected in the score.

The music here is pretty good. The thematic material is strong and the score itself is big and bombastic. However, the score's strong points also become the weak points. The music can become a little too melodramatic considering the story it's telling. If you look at the poster or the trailer for the film then you will probably understand. The music makes it seem that these characters are super heroes instead of human beings, and in that sense it can get a little cheesy. If I had to compare this film to anything it would be The Great Raid, which also has cheesiness aplenty. However if you look at Trevor Rabin's score then you will see how he tried to help the situation instead of pushing it overboard. While I really like the music here, what it ends up doing is forcing the emotions. 

The score pushes hard and never really lets up. In the end the standalone listen is quite good, but looking at the music as a storyteller it doesn't work within its realm. I guess it would be as if someone telling a story at a campfire would dress up in costume, use props and have sound effects. It's extremely entertaining but a little forced.