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Absolver by Austin Wintory (Review)

posted Sep 21, 2017, 11:31 PM by Leo Mayr

Absolver is a game centered around melee combat in a small open world. Austin Wintory delivers another strong atmospheric score that doesn't quite reach the heights of some of his previous efforts.

The score consists mainly of ambient music and occasional bursts of action. As is usual for his work, the music feels completely unique in both style and instrumentation, yet it's undoubtedly Wintory's work. The ambient music nicely breathes life into the game world and there's always a feeling that a violent outburst is just seconds away. Once the music actually does pick up the pace, we get to the score's highlights. The music is loud and aggressive, yet it never feels chaotic, instead treating the combat more like a dance. The final action piece, co-produced by Wintory with RZA, stands out from the rest, being more intense and aggressive, yet never losing that sense of a cautious dance.

Austin Wintory delivers another stunning videogame score. The ambient music works well, despite not being as emotional or memorable as some of his previous efforts. The score really stands out in the action sequences with some impressively structured music and unique instrumentation.