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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Henry Jackman (Review)

posted Jul 19, 2012, 10:58 PM by Kaya Savas

Last year Henry Jackman catapulted into the mainstream consciousness with his score to X-Men: First Class. The score was so perfect. He was able to blend hard electronics with the orchestra to create a brash summer sound yet he somehow injected a strong emotional pull. The X-Men: First Class score pulled tears from me in several places. That score is probably what landed him this film right here. Many of the elements that made his X-Men score so great can be found in full glory here.

This is a rather big sounding score that has two sides. The gothic horror side plays underneath the big swelling themes he has written for Abe. In fact, the middle of the score is where the gothic action/horror lies. The music has a pulsating energy that rises up and thrusts you into a thrilling ride. That emotional pull he had in X-Men can be found here as well, but in a much smaller dosage. Jackman tries to humanize the score a bit in the first track and maybe once or twice throughout. It doesn't come close to the emotional effect that X-Men had, but it's there and it's appreciated. The score finishes on a great note as he sums up everything in a nice swelling fashion.

This is a great summer score that you can enjoy over and over again. It has fantastic melodies laced with gothic action. There is a harshness to the score that some may find unpleasant, but if you've heard his X-Men score then you should know what to expect. I loved it. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has all the ingredients I'm looking for in a gritty and grungy action score. Henry Jackman once again proves he's a master of tone and flavor as he really nails it here. Don't dwell too much on this one, but it should give you a few decent months of listening pleasure and it'll be fun to stumble across it later down the road.