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Abel Korzeniowski: Early Works by Abel Korzeniowski (Review)

posted Feb 22, 2016, 4:55 PM by Kaya Savas

Abel Korzeniowski is one of the best musical storytellers working in the industry, and this collection of his early works should serve as an amazing introduction for anyone who hasn’t discovered his work yet. The Polish composer has written some amazingly gorgeous scores, and sometimes it baffles me why he isn’t the go-to composer for all of Hollywood’s big period dramas. His writing is masterful, his themes and melodies engaging, and he knows how to build emotional arcs.

This 2-disc set is a wonderful collection of the composer’s early beginnings, and the sampling of scores totals nearly 2 hours of music. What you’ll notice is that within the music presented here was that Korzeniowski’s music was much more textural. All of the instruments feel alive and bring their own individual personalities to the soundscape of the story. But what is most evident was that even in his early works, Abel already had a handle on his voice as an artist and storyteller. His style is his own and quite recognizable. It was clear he was already an auteur which would lead to his amazing work on scores to A Single Man, W./E. and recently the Showtime series Penny Dreadful.

Abel Korzeniowski is a fantastic and versatile composer whose music is deeply rooted in melody and emotion. He has an incredible ability to flesh out characters and pull the audience into the story with his masterful writing. This collection of early works is an amazing compilation that allows us a glimpse into the start of his career, and hopefully people who haven’t discovered Abel’s work can use it as a great introduction to his music.