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Composer Interview: Elliot Goldenthal

posted Dec 13, 2010, 6:29 PM by Kaya Savas
Elliot Goldenthal is one of today's most respected composers. His career of work spans from films to operas and ballets. His continuing collaboration with Julie Taymor is one of the most notable in the industry and has brought him some of his best work. His filmography includes Alien 3, A Time To Kill, Heat, Batman Forever, Sphere, Titus, Frida, Across The Universe, Public Enemies and his most recent The Tempest. I had the honor of being able to sit down with Mr. Goldenthal and discuss not only The Tempest but many other fascinating topics. The audio interview is presented here in two parts.

FMM: Composer Interview- Elliot Goldenthal (Part 1)

FMM: Composer Interview- Elliot Goldenthal (Part 2)