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All Access: Hans Zimmer Live

posted Sep 28, 2017, 12:19 PM by Kaya Savas
*Please Note: This documentary focuses on the rehearsal process and contains no final show footage. All audio, lighting, costumes and blocking are not final and not representative of the final concert. Please follow, like and subscribe to the official Hans Zimmer Live social media accounts for official glimpses of the show itself. 

In 2014 Hans Zimmer tested the waters with Hans Zimmer Revealed And Friends in London for two shows, then in 2015 another little test with Interstellar Live for one show. In 2016 Hans announced a full European tour for Hans Zimmer Live, a journey that would take him and his band across Europe and play some of his greatest hits. In 2017 it was time to expand even further, this time with a worldwide tour that would span from North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. The stakes were higher and the pressure was on. Hans called out to his closest friends and collaborators to go on this journey as a band, and that’s exactly what they did. With only 2 weeks to fully rehearse as a group, the band worked out all the kinks and perfected their sound as a unit. Film.Music.Media was honored to be invited to document this rehearsal process as we spent two weeks with Hans, the band and the crew. This feature length All Access will take you on the same journey the band went on, and provide you with a unique and intimate experience from day 1 of rehearsals all the way up to the final band meeting before the tour kickoff. This All Access takes our observational approach to truly give you a real and unfiltered experience of feeling like you are in the room with Hans and the band. No sit-down interviews, just capturing moments and conversations. Feel the music come alive as we start with the close-quarter studio rehearsals and then move into full production rehearsals on the expansive stage. Some special guests also drop in to join in on the fun. We are honored to be able to bring you this unique experience that hopefully shines a light on these amazing musicians, the hard-working crew and the composer who brought them together. 

Directed By: Kaya Savas 

Produced By: Kaya Savas & Stéphane Humez 

Editing & Cinematography By: Kaya Savas 

Special Thanks: Harvey Goldsmith, Steve Kofsky, Shalini Singh, Mark Botting, Marissa Bellon, Joe Eley, Sarah Childers, Nicolas Cabarrou, Krisztina Lukácsi, Brad Bradley, everyone at Remote Control Productions, everyone at Groove Masters, the entire crew for your hard work and dedication, the entire band for your passion and warmth, and Hans Zimmer for your kindness and support.

All Access: Hans Zimmer Live

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