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4th Annual Fans Of Film Music

posted Mar 8, 2014, 5:42 PM by Kaya Savas

Every year Fans Of Film Music brings composers to the fans with amazing panel Q&A's and CD signings. Fans from around the globe gather once a year for this tremendous event held in Los Angeles by The Fans Of Film Music Society. Film.Music.Media is honored to bring you exclusive video coverage of 2013's 4th Annual Fans Of Film Music gathering. 2013 was Varèse Sarabande's 35th Anniversary, and the 4th Annual FFM event was organized to be part of that celebration by featuring composers whose renowned work was released on the prestigious soundtrack label. Those who couldn't make the event or want to re-experience it can now do so. Sit back and enjoy some amazing composers answer questions from panel moderators Daniel Schweiger and Richard Kraft as well as from the fans themselves.

Fans Of Film Music President & Event Director: 
Peter Hackman

Panel 1 Guests: 
Nathan Barr, Jeff Beal, Cliff Eidelman, Reinhold Heil, Harry Manfredini, Cliff Martinez, Mark McKenzie.

Panel 2 Guests: 
Sara Andon, Christophe Beck, Randy Edelman, Christopher Lennertz, Joseph LoDuca, Robert Townson, John Altman

Panel 1 Moderator: 
Daniel Schweiger

Panel 2 Moderator: 
Richard Kraft

Cinematography, Editing, Music & Animation:
Barry Worthington

Jesse Hellen-Lloyd & Christina Wilson

Director/Producer For Film.Music.Media:
Kaya Savas

4th Annual Fans Of Film Music (Part 1)

4th Annual Fans Of Film Music (Part 2)

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