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Writers Wanted

posted Aug 28, 2014, 9:00 PM by Kaya Savas   [ updated Aug 28, 2014, 9:06 PM ]

Do you love movies? TV? Games? But more importantly love scores? Do you also love to write about said things? If so, we would love to have you aboard the Film.Music.Media writing team. There is never a shortage of scores that need reviewing or articles that need writing. If you are passionate and knowledgable about media and the music behind it, plus love to examine and explore the work created by all the wonderful composers in the business. Then you’d be a perfect part of the team. 

Reviewing for Film.Music.Media is different in that we don’t do long and winded picking apart of scores. The goal is to be short, succinct, and reflective of what made the score connect or what made it not connect. Scores are meant to be heard, so the review should be the writer’s emotional reflection and exploration. Was it memorable or was it not memorable? Did it pull you in? What about it did these things? If it didn’t then why? If something was missing, what was missing that would have made it a better experience? What didn't work? We don’t want writers who think they are the authority of film scores, or think they know what is good and what is bad. We want people who want to explore music through writing, quickly analyze what worked or didn’t and then share that with our readers. 


No Monetary Compensation: Sorry, you don’t get paid in cash. However, you do get to keep any scores submitted for review. You will also get to listen to scores before they are commercially released. Also you get a nifty email

Great and productive way to spend your free time if this is your field of interest. Also gain valuable experience as a film music journalist.

Your work will be seen by tens of thousands of readers, composers, publicists, agents and more every month. Film.Music.Media’s audience is wide and far, and as one of the premiere destinations for film music related content you can be sure your writing will have an audience. 

Submit reviews at your own pace (ideally around the street date). While you shouldn’t be spending more than 30-45min (not including listening time of course) for any given review, don’t feel pressured with your writing. 

That being said, we do want active reviewers. We want writers who will actively keep in contact, actively produce quality reviews and be part of the team. It isn’t a paid position, but it’s a position that should be taken seriously if that is truly your passion.

As a reviewer you are also welcome to write any article about anything film/media related. Is the current state of studio blockbusters on your mind? Write an article. Want to explore DC comic book movies vs Marvel? Write an article. 

You won’t be a good fit if… 

-You constantly are on forums bashing composers/other people over style preference.

-You feel you know more about film scores and films than anyone else. 

-You keep a favorite score/composer in mind and compare everything else to it because in your mind your favorites are the best. 

-You have a closed-minded view of what a score or the scoring process should be. 

With all that being said, if you’re interested in joining Film.Music.Media then please email a sample review to be evaluated.

-Please familiarize yourself with the structure of our reviews. We like to keep it simple (Intro, Body, Conclusion). Here is a recent example to follow. You don't need to limit to 3 paragraphs, but keep it succinct. Pick any recent score of 2014. Also, please write a brief statement about what film music means to you and why you want to write about it.


-Either attach your sample and statement as a PDF or in the body of the email with the Subject Line: FMM Writers

-If you have any questions please feel free to ask as well!