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The Best Scores Of 2012

posted Jan 26, 2013, 1:05 AM by Kaya Savas
In 2012 F.M.M gave out more high ranking reviews than ever before. Usually only 10 scores would be chosen, but in Academy rule-changing fashion here are the top 15 scores of the year since there were so many great ones. These scores represent the cream of the crop, and if you happened to miss any of them then you should make it a priority to seek these gems out. Here's to an equally good year for scores in 2013!

15. The Day I Saw Your Heart by Nathan Johnson: 
In One Sentence: A charming, character propelled journey full of emotion that leaves a lasting imprint on you. 

14. Prometheus by Marc Streitenfeld:
In One Sentence: A textured and intricate score that masterfully takes the listener to another world filled with suspense and wonder. 

13. Samsara by Michael Stearns, Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De Francisci
In One Sentence: A spiritual journey that is rooted in deep human experiences that will leave you looking deep within yourself. 
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12. Argo by Alexandre Desplat:
In One Sentence: Desplat crafts a worthy score that incorporates ethnic sounds and enhances the suspense greatly. 
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11. Jack Reacher by Joe Kraemer:
In One Sentence: Joe Kraemer wowed with his intense orchestral powerhouse of a score that reminded us of the power of themes and structure.
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10. The Impossible by Fernando Velázquez:
In One Sentence: A score that weighs heavy with raw human emotions and a powerful story that will stay with you long after you listen to it. 
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9. Ted by Walter Murphy:
In One Sentence: Walter Murphy’s jazzy sounds and great thematic sensibilities resulted in a character driven comedic masterpiece. 
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8. Skyfall by Thomas Newman:
In One Sentence: Thomas Newman reinvigorated James Bond doing things his way by not trying to resurrect John Barry, and it’s one of the best action scores of recent memory. 
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7. Lincoln by John Williams:
In One Sentence: A score that emanates great power and honor by echoing a gentle feel of Americana embedded in a sense moral responsibility. 
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6. Anna Karenina by Dario Marianelli:
In One Sentence: An absolutely lush and beautiful score that will resonate with you on multiple levels.
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5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Howard Shore:
In One Sentence: Howard Shore made something so familiar feel so new, and managed to give us goosebumps and shed tears all over again. 
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4. The Grey by Marc Streitenfeld:
In One Sentence: A painfully emotional existential story embedded in a struggle for survival that teaches us to live and die on this day.
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3. Zero Dark Thirty by Alexandre Desplat:
In One Sentence: A masterfully crafted suspense ride with many textures and tones that projects the gravitas of the story upon the listener. 
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2. The Dark Knight Rises by Hans Zimmer:
In One Sentence: An epic powerhouse of character, action and emotion that captures the raw breaking down of society to make way for a hero to rise. 

1. Moonrise Kingdom by Alexandre Desplat:
In One Sentence: A simply beautiful story about adolescence and love with an added quirk, and all unfolded masterfully through structured movements that work hand in hand with the source music chosen.