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Disney's Legacy Collection Release Dates Shuffled

posted Mar 5, 2015, 6:47 PM by Kaya Savas

Many film music fans have recently been enjoying The Legacy Collection releases from Walt Disney Records. They've been doing a wonderful job with the remastering, and the packaging is just beautiful. Disney released a timeline for their street dates, but as the next release was fast approaching fans noticed there was no sign of Toy Story appearing for pre-order. Then three releases (Toy Story, Disneyland, Lady & The Tramp) were taken down off the Disney Music Emporium website.

Here was the original schedule:

Film.Music.Media reached out to Disney to get the rundown on what happened. As of now, a few release dates have been shifted and Toy Story has been taken off the schedule and delayed. There was no release date or reason given for Toy Story's delay. The new schedule is as follows:

Lady & The Tramp – Intrada, 4/28

Disneyland –  For Sale At Disney Parks, 5/6; wide, 8/18

Cinderella – 6/23

Pocahontas – 7/21

The Aristocats – For Sale At D23, 8/11; wide, 8/18